Balpakram National Park

A national wild life park, is about 45 kms from Baghmara, also known as the abode of perpetual winds. An awe-inspiring mini-canyon separates the Garo Hills plateau from the Khasi-Hills plateau across the Sib-bari rivulet. A majestic rocky plateau crowns the western ridge of the cliffs on the Garo Hills side of the mini-canyon.
The plateau commands an enchanting view of the beautiful plains of Bangladesh which are criss crossed by meandering rivers and large expanses of silvery inland water. The plateau has borne the unending lashes of summer wind and storm which have blown off all traces of soil, leaving the plateau as one continuous mass of rock and rubble. The Garos believe that on death, the soul of every pious Garo flies to Balpakram and abides there for all time to come, making it the abode of human souls.