There are several places in the district  that can be  developed for tourism. Some of them are of historical importance;  others are important because of their association with the cultural traditions of the Garo people and many of them again have deservedly earned fame for their scenic beauty. Much of the area still remain untouched, retaining almost intact the original flora and fauna.  Garo hills known for its abundance of wild life, should interest naturalists and photographers to capture the facts of life of animals and the flora and fauna. 

It is a haven for large varieties of flora and fauna. A variety of a rare medicinal herbs locally called by the Garos as “Dike” grow abundantly in Balpakram. It is also known for the highest concentration of Asiatic elephants in the wild. New species of animals are reported to have been sighted in Balpakram such as small toothed palm civet, wild dogs, yellow throated marten, besides there are many varieties of wild animals.