From April 2010 onwards selection of IAY beneficiaries are done on Cluster basis as directed by the Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, Rural Housing.

Release Method:
1. Based on the no. of beneficiaries, fund is release to the BDOs Account directing them to transfer the amount into the sanctioned beneficiaries bank/post office account.
2. During the implementation the concerned Bank/Post Office authorities are instructed to release the amount of the beneficiaries as per the BDOs advice note in installment.
3. Permanent IAY waitlist is prepared from the BPL Census 2002 according to the score.
IAY at a Glance (2011-12)
Annual Target 795
Sanctioned 795
Ongoing 795
Completed 0
Amount Received 3,73,61000
Expenditure 1,92,90,000
(Report generated as on 1st December 2011)

Permanent IAY Waitlist
Design: NIC District Unit, South Garo Hills, Bahgmara
Content Provided: The District Administration, South Garo Hills