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DC Office - SC/ST Certificate, Confonet, Ration Card.NIC, South Garo Hills District unit, Baghmara was established in the year 1994. Initially the center was equipped with only a Micro Earth Station and a dumb terminal. Later from the year 1995, 386 SX computer machine was transferred from NIC District Centre, Shillong to this centre. The operating system used was on Xenix environment. Now, the center is equipped with Windows machines.
At present NIC, Bahgmara is having two servers, one with Windows 2003 Server and another with Windows 2000 Server. Also three (3) client machine which are in working condition. This office also has one laser printer, two dot matrix printer and one MFD Printer. The role of NIC, Baghmara is to provide computer services and training to the District Administration and to other departments within the districts like Health, Agriculture, Horticulture, District Industries Centre, Supply, Election, District Rural Development Agency etc. Also, short term training programmes for the various departments to get hands on experience on Computer operation are being conducted . NIC District Unit is providing the necessary support to the district level computerization like software development and support, Web Site development, imparting training to the Government Employees and others, support for data-entry operation and trouble-shooting for various government departments, transmitting data using NICNET, the NIC network which connects the NIC headquarters, all the State Units and the District Units of NIC.
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