The Deputy Commissioner is the head of the District Administration. The Deputy Commissioner’s office is divided into a number of important branches. The General or Establishment Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Registration Branch and other branches in charge of Supply, Housing, Elections, Block Development as well as the District Selection Committee.
As executive head the DC plays an important role in coordinating with all developmental heads of the district for all round developmental activities, employment assurance schemes and so on.  Besides all these the DC being the head of the district also holds the post of Chairman of various committee, colleges, schools, Banks etc.
The District Planning Officer is assigned to see, formulate and release of fund for development scheme. There also exists the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) and the DC is the chairman of the said agency. The Project Director is the functional head of the agency. All schemes of rural development are implemented by Block Development Officers and the necessary funds are routed through this agency.
The  another  important aspect of district administration is to maintain law and order  to give proper security and to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizen.  The DC plays a key role during natural disaster period like flood, earthquake, landslide, cyclone/storm damage or fire incidence. The DC generally takes prompt action whenever situation arises in any part of the district, and provides assistance either in cash or kind to the victims according to the nature of damage.

Shri. F. M. Dopth, IAS
Deputy Commissioner
+91 3639 234292 (O)
Dr. R Ch. Marak, MCS
Addl. Deputy Commissioner
+91 3639 234292 (O)
Smt T. M. G. Momin, MCS
Extra Assistant Commissioner
Shri R. Ch. Momin, MCS
Extra Assistant Commissioner

Superintendent of Excise

Housing Inspector
Shri. Elliber A. Marak
District Informatics Officer
Shri. M. A. Sangma, MFS
Treasury Officer

Shri. Pipson Marak
District Disaster Management Officer
Superintendent of Supply

Shri. Chingseng Marak
Asstt. Research Officer, Planning

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